Bark Busters - A better way to a better dog


We feel very confident that we can be property trained to help our dogs behave!
Ken V., Plano, Texas 19th July 2016

Very helpful session. enough to get us started and not too overwhelming.
Nicole J., Parker, Texas 19th July 2016

Excellent Trainer, very patient, worked with the entire family- dealt with our Toddlers being Toddlers. Showed simple, easy to use techniques and gave very clear instructions. Checked for understanding with feedback.
Sharon M., Wylie, Texas 19th July 2016

Jim has given us some good tools to help curb unwanted puppy issues & we are looking forward to getting to the point where we can establish some new good behaviors.
Rand N., McKinney, Texas 19th July 2016

Our puppy responded well to the techniques and we could see a difference in our dog's behavior after the first session.
Jamey B., Celina, Texas 19th July 2016

We had great success with Rainy Boots and Duke today. Made me happy and excited to train my dogs. I feel like I have the right tools to do so.
Rita R., McKinney, Texas 19th July 2016

Very happy with the results of the training.
Marci G., Murphy, Texas 19th July 2016

Mr Call is very experienced and knowledgeable trainer who has already helped me immensely with understanding and training my dog. Thank you so much for all your help. I really appreciated your guidance with the puppy. I already feel much more prepared to teach her.
Malcolm H., Frisco, Texas 19th July 2016

We were pleased to see Geoffrey respond to some of the exercises on our first night. It gives us hope that he can become a good boy!
Amber & Tim G., McKinney, Texas 11th March 2016

Everything was excellent. The training and methods were easy to understand. She learned not to go to the door when someone knocks. The training was easy to understand and effective immediately.
Chris & Alexa H., Plano, Texas 24th June 2015

Great Results!
Danielle A., McKinney, Texas 24th June 2015

I absolutely agree that the training technique was easy to follow. My dog responded to the training. I like the natural way of training, no physical touching - great. Jim was very clear and entertaining. I would recommend to others. I think this will work quickly and easy.
Jim G., Plano, Texas 22nd June 2015

The techniques were easy to follow and we saw results. The natural training used made the experience interesting and enjoyable. We would recommend Bark Busters.
Roger C., McKinney, Texas 22nd June 2015

Explained well, I saw results and was pleased with the training. The lesson was enjoyable and I would recommend Bark Busters.
Kelsea C., McKinney, Texas 22nd June 2015

Everything was expained, we saw results and were pleased with the training. The training gave us ways to redirect Captain based on his personality.
Dewey & Cindy O., Allen, Texas 22nd June 2015

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