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Everything was explained, very descriptive and helpful. We saw results within minutes. We were pleased with the natural techniques. The training was different from what we've used before. We recommend because we saw fast results. Really enjoyed whole experience, learned a lot, Jim was very helpful and understanding.
Rachel R., Plano, Texas 22nd June 2015

Very detailed instructions, we would recommend Bark Busters. We saw improvement right away.
Vik B., Allen, Texas 22nd June 2015

Techniques were easy to follow, I noticed result right away, I was pleased with the training and it was interesting and enjoyable.
Barbara P., Sachse, Texas 3rd March 2015

It was very easy to understand and he explained everything very well. I was pleased with the natural methods which worked with my dog. Jim listened to me. I was taught what I needed to know to make my dog better.
Alisha B., Plano, Texas 3rd March 2015

Simple techniques to master & implement with my stubborn pup.
Adrienne K., Plano, Texas 3rd March 2015

Very patient. I loved that treats & clickers (which may not always be handy) were not used.
Jeannie M., Prosper, Texas 3rd March 2015

We loved our trainer and look forward to other lessons.
Jerri M., Murphy, Texas 3rd March 2015

Great experience for me and my dogs. I would recommend them to anyone with confidence.
Chis K., McKinney, Texas 7th February 2015

Training techniques were excellent, we saw results, we liked the fact that the training was in home. Jim is very personable and worked on our specific issues.
Tom R., McKinney, Texas 7th February 2015

Training was explained, I saw noticeable results, natural methods were used, I would recommend, it was clearly explained and demonstrated on how to address Kiko's behavior.
McCall S., McKinney, Texas 7th February 2015

Loved the ideas and praise. The natural training allowed me to choose the rules and what was OK. I wasn't told he couldn't do something. Absolutely recommend them. I love working with my dog and making him better.
Brittany A., Wylie, Texas 7th February 2015

Everything was explained & we noticed results. The training was enjoyable and we would recommend Bark Busters.
Kate G., McKinney, Texas 6th February 2015

We like not using physical techniques. Great way of teaching the owners and the dog.
Jim W., Rockwall, Texas 28th January 2015

Everything was explained, we saw noticeable results, natural training method used. The experience was enjoyable, we would recommend Bark Busters.
Tara S., McKinney, Texas 28th January 2015

Everything was explained, great at summarizing. We notice the dogs were getting it. We're very happy with the positive training. The training experience was fun. We would recommend, helpful, fun, information & it works. Our trainer was great!
Aimee D., Plano, Texas 28th January 2015

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