Bark Busters - A better way to a better dog


Harley caught on fast and we already see improvements. The training was very informative and went by quickly. We recommend Bark Busters. Good training that was easy to follow & didn't involve treats.
Julie H., Frisco, Texas 1st December 2014

Very good at listening and addressing Sasha's needs.
Michael R., Frisco, Texas 1st December 2014

I would recommend Bark Busters because it is a non-violent natural method
Jody L., McKinney, Texas 1st December 2014

I found it to be very helpful. Both my pets responded according with the exception of my Pit Bull Honey, however, it was a rainy day and we really couldn't get much done with the distance recall. I am trying every day to work with her on that, however, she seems hell bent on getting out of the back yard every chance she gets and only seems to notice us if we are acting like crazy people, getting super excited about her and then maybe she'll get distracted enough to head our way. We just have a lot going on outside that gets her excited. I know with consistency this will get better. As for Demon, he had a wonderful lesson and I was very proud of him. He caught on to what I asked him to do in just a couple of times. Jim was very patient and kind and encouraging both to myself and Honey and Demon. I highly recommend anyone having behavioral issues with their pets to contact these fine people. It is obvious they have a strong love for animals and show compassion while teaching as well as patience. I appreciate all of that and look forward to our next lesson. Thank you Jim for being awesome. :)
Jewel G., Wylie, Texas 12th November 2014

Explained well, saw immediate results, excellent natural training method, we highly recommend
Cindi F., Sachse, Texas 4th November 2014

Effective & personable therapist
Alicia C., Allen, Texas 3rd November 2014

Very Easy
Amy C., Rockwall, Texas 3rd November 2014

Quick Results
Juanava C., Wylie, Texas 3rd November 2014

Practical, fun and interesting!
Donna C., Murphy, Texas 3rd November 2014

It was so amazing the success Molly and Bentley made during the first lesson!
Jeannie B., Plano, Texas 21st October 2014

Very friendly, patient and explained clearly.
Anil B., Plano, Texas 21st October 2014

Immediate response to training technique, is a kind approach.
Bethany B., Rockwall, Texas 21st October 2014

We would recommend Bark Busters. The training is straightforward and effective.
Ryan A., Frisco, Texas 17th October 2014

The dogs seem to respect us more when we rang the doorbell and told them to get back. Very simple and direct approach. No treats required.
Stephanie A., Wylie, Texas 17th October 2014

I was able to use what I learned to train Bella. It was nice to see results. The Training strategies make sense to me and i'm already seeing results. I look forward to continuing this process.
Ashley & Kyle A., Allen, Texas 17th October 2014

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