Bark Busters - A better way to a better dog


We are looking forward to practicing the new techniques we learned today as they appear to be very effective already.
Maureen A., Frisco, Texas 17th October 2014

Amazed at how easy and simple!
Kaley L., Wylie, Texas 13th October 2014

Noticed remarkable response. It is a different way to train than I am used to, but excellent. Great experience for owner and dog. My dog is barking less, not running a garage door, not pulling when walking, not bullying Max (other dog).
Michelle H., McKinney, Texas 19th September 2014

I saw immediate results.
Lorene W., Frisco, Texas 17th September 2014

Gracie responded and behaved on walk. No stress.
Deb V., Allen, Texas 17th September 2014

Explained simple steps, easy to understand & very patient. We noticed results and were pleased with the training. Very interesting & enjoyable. Very simple process to learn and appears to really work. Jim was very pleasant & extremely knowledgeable. Enjoyed the training and see results already.
Shannon S., Allen, Texas 17th September 2014

We saw results right away with our dog Hank.
Deb R., Richardson, Texas 17th September 2014

Friendly and very convenient; looking forward to follow up visit.
Alan M., Dallas, Texas 17th September 2014

Very positive - Reassuring.
Mary M., Dennison, Texas 17th September 2014

Very patient & flexible especially with dog's inaction.
Stephanie M., Plano, Texas 17th September 2014

The training was very clear and understandable; was also concerned that we learned the "safe" way.
Robert L., Sachse, Texas 17th September 2014

It was simple, straight forward and easy to understand. Results were encouraging. We were pleased with the training techniques, we felt like we could learn these techniques and apply them to Beau without any major adjustments. We got to learn by doing and when it's fun, we're encouraged to keep doing them without giving up in frustration. Everything was simple, straightforward and accessible, so that anyone could learn and enjoy the experience of training their dogs.
Lisa L., Allen, Texas 17th September 2014

Clear & concise; responding quicker. The session brought a lot of options to control our dog that we never considered. Would recommend, very helpful and easy to administer. Great session! Glad we called Bark Busters over other competitors.
Sarah L., Rockwall, Texas 17th September 2014

We saw immediate changes in our dogs behavior.
Ruth K., Wylie, Texas 17th September 2014

He was so much calmer by the end of the first lesson. Enjoyed not relying on treats. It is simple and effective. Easy to follow instructions.
Mara K., Plano, Texas 17th September 2014

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