Bark Busters - A better way to a better dog


I was very pleased with the presentation, it was understandable and easy to follow.
Josephine Capps, Richardson 21st May 2008

I observed noticeable results especially in the walking and jumping. Everything is explained. I have never done any dog training before. The training method is wonderful.
Yolie Cervantes, Wylie 21st May 2008

Easy for family members to understand. Bear Dog listens to me already. (It is) positive training verse punishment. Easy to do!
Vanessa McMillen, Dallas 21st May 2008

I liked the natural training method. It is an alternative method that teaches from the dog's prospective. I think it is a responsible way that gives responsible results.
Steph Rudderow, Commerce 21st May 2008

I noticed immediate results, especially with Hank Williams my DEAF dog. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters. It is a good, safe and easy way to train and fix your dogs problems. I enjoyed my sessions.
Morgan Roberts, Caddo Mills 21st May 2008

The training is very easy to understand. I saw impressive results. I like that there was no harsh punishing. I was impressed with how well it worked. I could tell by the end of the session.
Samatha Paul, Rockwall 21st May 2008

I would recommend Bark Busters because of the very humane techniques.
Kim Waldrop, Garland 21st May 2008

I am now convinced that a badly behaving dog can be taught manners.
Lee Ann Wilkerson, Garland 21st May 2008

I cannot say how pleased my family and I are with Bark Busters. When CoCo came home with my husband and I, CoCo had lots of behavioral problems due to the environment he came from. We spent many sleepless nights going through torn shoes,some aggressiveness and him digging through trash cans. CoCo did what ever he wanted. The day that Jim came to our home and showed my family and I that it was about being the leader of the pack. CoCo was the type of puppy who constantly nipped and bugged at you. I won't forget after Jim left from our first session of training, we were able to sleep. Everything Jim showed me worked with Coco. After my husband returned from being in San Diego, he came home to a completely different CoCo. Now, our little boo-boo sleeps through the night, he does not jump or bite, he does not dig so much through the trash. We are able to enjoy our little bundle of love.
Laura Rodriguez, Rowlett 25th November 2007

I was pleased with the natural training techniques. I have a dog who was abused before, a natural method allows for productivity instead of Tara responding in fear.
Jennifer Goodman, Wylie 7th November 2007

The instructions were very simple and clear. By the end of the training session Pepper was walking on a leash and recognizing commands.
Gary and Valeri Mallett, Rowlett 7th November 2007

I have seen the benefits of this training and I am very impressed.
Amber Romney, Fate 7th November 2007

It has given my family and me a way to train Henry consistently. I know Henry will be the best dog around by the end.
Jennifer Suga, Rockwall 12th October 2007

Everything was explained and very easy to follow. Coco picked up quickly in his first lesson.
Laura Rodriguez, Rowlett 12th October 2007

[The training techniques were] very easy to understand. All the instructions were logical and seems like would be successful if followed.
Brad and Sandra Zastrow, Rockwall 11th October 2007

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